Cancer – win or lose?

Okay, so this is my first post on my new blog account…

Finding something to write about, especially for your first post isn’t that easy, but I got something. A few months ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I guess that it’s any women’s fear, one just hopes not to get “caught” by it and having to get treatment, where you realise that your hair might fall out or that one might lose a breast or both.

As one of my friends said, we all have cancer in us…it’s just a matter of who’s gets activated.

My mother is a really strong woman, passionate about her work as an education lecturer of Afrikaans at the university. She loves animals, plants and nature. When she heard about the cancer she was, at first, devastated. Later, she began accepting it. She had wonderful people who could encourage her and motivate her, including her eldest sister, who also had breast cancer.

Please note that I’m writing this in the way that I’m experiencing it.

Luckily they cleared her from the cancer, but since te tumor was bigger than 1cm, she still has to get chemo-therapy, which started today. I pray to the Lord that she’s okay and that He will hold her hand every step of the way.


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