The X factor

So the National Elections is over, and yes, I am a culprit of the ones that didn’t vote…It was my second time that I could have…but my lack of interest in politics was the dominant ‘party’ that overruled my decision.

But, as a amateur journalist, interviewing young adults on their point of view on the elections, and why one should vote for a leading party, I felt more and more guilty, and yes, I should’ve  gone to vote…and, yes,  I did learn my lesson. Here’s why:

We are the future. It is up to us how we want to live in the future and what we want to tolerate and what not. We are easy to say what we dislike, but why not when we get the chance. So many young people decide not to vote because they don’t think their vote will matter, but I mean how many of us say that and feel that way….a lot! That ‘lot’ will be able to let the best party win and provide a better future!

People also do not know of better so they are willing to settle for less, because no one wants to stand up and fight for better. Really this is BS! Rather make that one vote for the party who will be an advantage to the country than to let the party, of whom you complain about, lead the country into a downfall.

Elections in Potch


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