The world as we don’t know it

When I was in high school, I wanted to become an interpreter. I’ve always had a love for languages, and interpreting looked like the path I wanted to take.

Then in varsity, I did my BA in Languages and Literature studies with translation and interpreting as one of my modules. During the interpreting training, I realised with interpreting you either have what it takes, or you don’t.

So, I started to like translation more ’cause you have more time to think how you’re going to use your words. But you wonder where you’re going to end up, ’cause at that stage I didn’t know my options.

Now, I’m doing my Honours degree in Language Practition with editing, translation and journalism. And just this year, I fell in love with journalism, the media and whatever the media entails. From photojournalism to radio presenting to tv news and magazine publishing. I also do some translating of children’s books, which I love.

Point of the matter is that there’s a whole world out there that need to be discovered. And take note, by discover I mean, you have to go out there and see what your options are. Not be disheartened because you think there’s no route to take. Find your interests and go look for something that you like. Make it happen and you’ll have a glorious career.

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